Babe Ruth Spring Baseball

Registration is open for 2017 Spring "Babe Ruth" league baseball.

Babe Ruth is for players 13 to 15 and is played only on weekends.  There are two games per weekend, one Sat. and one Sun. Times vary by game and location.  The team will travel to neighboring towns for our away games, typically Sudbury, Wayland, Maynard, Marlborough and Chelmsford.  We will be playing some towns that do not have a Middle School program and only have Babe Ruth for this age group.  Games can be very competitive.  Other towns like Weston, have a Middle School program and use Babe Ruth as additional game time.  

The league is perfect for first year players at the 90' level.  They will get additional playing time and reps to augment their Middle School experience.  (Last year some 7th grade players only saw two games in Middle School) For more experienced players, it is a chance to step into leadership roles and contribute in areas they may not get to see on other teams.

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2017 Weston Baseball Player Evaluations




The 2017 Weston little league baseball evaluations will take place this weekend in the middle school gym. There will be a registration table in the hallway, but due to limited space (and liability) ALL PARENTS will be required to remain in the hallway and NOT ALLOWED in the gym areas.  

8 & 9 year olds Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3. 

10 & 11 year olds (and any 12's who DID NOT play in the NL last year) Sunday from 4-5:30.

We try to stress to the kids this is not a "tryout", just a way for the coaches to see who is where in their development.  We anticipate each session to only last an hour, but have scheduled more time in case of a larger than expected turnout. The kids will demonstrate their running, catching, and throwing skills, plus take 5 swings in the batting cage. The idea is to find "parity" - that is, in addition to coach's evaluations from previous seasons, to help the coaches draft teams of equal ability at each level of our league. We've found that more competitive baseball games are more fun for everyone. 

If your player is not yet registered, please go to as soon as possible and sign him/her up.  Also, if you are interested in coaching or if your player is unable to attend their age group's scheduled session, please e-mail  .
Thanks, let's get ready to Play Ball!!!



AAA-Ball -- Is for 8 - 9  year-olds (as of 8/31/2017).  This is the Introduction to kid-pitch baseball.  Scores are kept and the season culminates in a championship game.  RIF Balls (Reduced Injury Factor) are used at this level.  Games are played on Mon. and Wed. evenings at 5:30.  

American League -- Is for 9 - 11 year-olds (as of 8/31/2017).   Nine-year-olds, who have attended evaluations, are eligible, but not guaranteed, to be drafted to an AL team.  Games are played Wed. evenings and Sat. mornings.
National League -- Is for 10 - 12 year-olds (as of 4/31/2017).   Players returning from previous seasons stay on the same team.  12-year-olds that have attended evaluations are guaranteed NL roster selection.  10 & 11 year-olds who have attended evaluations may - or may not - be drafted by an NL team.  Games are played Wed. and Sun. evenings.   Practices are on Friday

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2017 Softball & Baseball Registration is OPEN

Registrations for all 2017 Spring Leagues are now available online. 

The page can be found HERE or at 




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Field Status
Burchard Park Field #1 - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Burchard Park Field #2 - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Burchard Park Field #3 - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Burchard Park Field #4 - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Burchard Park Field #5 - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Burt Field - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Cherry Brook - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Cochituate 1 - Wayland OPEN (1/19) 
Cochituate 2 - Wayland OPEN (1/19) 
Ferrelli (Bogle) Field - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Field School - Weston  -- 
Meadowbrook School - Weston TBD (1/19) 
Middle School Gym - 1 - Weston TBD (1/19) 
Middle School Gym - 2 - Weston TBD (1/19) 
Sugar Shack - Weston OPEN (1/19) 
Varsity Softball - Weston  -- 
Wildcat Stonedust - Weston TBD (1/19) 
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