Saturday AM open clinics return!

Coach Schulman will be heading up our Saturday morning open skills clinic starting this week.  The event runs 9:00AM to 10:30 AM and is free to all.  The clinic is geared for 5-8 year old players who are just starting out or have maybe a year or two under their belt.  Parent participation is welcome (and expected)  It is a great time that kids and parents alike will enjoy.


Hope to see you on Saturday.

by posted 05/17/2016

This is a reminder of two important safety rules for all Baseball and Softball players in Weston Little League.


#1. There is absolutely NO WARM UP SWINGING.  It is a Little League International rule that the swinging of a bat by anyone, other than a player actually at the plate, is banned.  It is a further rule of Weston Little League that no players are to swing bats outside the batters box or the designated batting cage area.  That means the is no swinging of bats behind the back-stop, in the foul territory of any field or any common area.  It is not permitted at any time.  Children have been seriously injured and worse by being hit with a swinging bat.  We ask that ALL parents help their team coaches by reminding their players of this rule and enforcing it if you see if.  


#2 All players must be on their teams bench when not in the field.  This does NOT include the area adjacent to their bench, but behind the backstop.  They must remain to the outfield side of the entryway to the field.  It presents a challenge to coaches in ensuring the safety of their players and is a distraction to those pitching and at the plate.  Again, we ask all parents to remind their players that they are to be on the bench only.  Non-players should also avoid the area immediately next to the bench and should stay a reasonable distance away from the backstop out of respect for the players on the field.

by posted 04/25/2016
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Field Status
Burchard Park Field #1 - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Burchard Park Field #2 - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Burchard Park Field #3 - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Burchard Park Field #4 - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Burchard Park Field #5 - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Burt Field - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Cherry Brook - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Cochituate 1 - Wayland OPEN (5/29) 
Cochituate 2 - Wayland OPEN (5/29) 
Ferrelli (Bogle) Field - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Field School - Weston  -- 
Meadowbrook School - Weston TBD (5/29) 
Middle School Gym - 1 - Weston TBD (5/29) 
Middle School Gym - 2 - Weston TBD (5/29) 
Sugar Shack - Weston OPEN (5/29) 
Varsity Softball - Weston  -- 
Wildcat Stonedust - Weston TBD (5/29) 
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